Created to control smoke and save lives

The Problem

Cori-Seal Fire risk unplugged inner perforated lining sheets

Many years ago, we noticed a problem that has grown and become more prevalent with each and every survey Cori-Seal Systems® have carried out within certain buildings, for example:

  • Swimming pools
  • Libraries
  • Offices
  • Shopping centres
  • Airports
  • Gymnasiums
  • Schools built from 2000 onwards


When these building were built part of the ceilings were constructed using perforated steel structural lining sheets. The purpose of the inner perforated lining sheets and their infill plugs are to prevent reverberation and improve the acoustic environment in buildings.

The problem being in most surveys these infill plugs, also know as fire stops, are missing from the inner perforated lining sheets. Not only are the infills designed to reduce noise reverberation but to also reduce the transfer of smoke in the event of a fire.

If a fire was to start in a room adjacent to the means of escape (ie. corridor) and the infill plugs have not been placed within the inner perforated lining sheets, as per the specification of the manufacturer. The smoke will pass freely from the room of origin, through the perforated decking above the dividing wall and into the means of escape. This could also continue into other compartments leading to rapid smoke spread throughout the building.

The Solution

The Cori-Seal Systems® product permanently seals the perforated holes in the inner perforated lining sheets within the corridors and main routes of escape. Keeping it clear of smoke from a fire in an adjacent room for as long as possible. Not only to evacuate the premises but allow the emergency services time to secure the area.

The Cori-Seal system makes it quick and viable to apply to the affected areas with little disturbance to the use of the building.

Using the Cori-Seal Systems® service is a fraction of the cost of removing the roofing panels or the flooring from the room above to fit the missing fire stopper infill plugs.

Watch our short video which explains The Cori-Seal System® in detail and our demonstration video to see it in action!